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RES Luxury Group:
Phone: 352.794.1426
Facebook: realtorcitrus
Twitter: @realtorcitrus
YouTube: realtorcitrus

Ruth Squires - Luxury Listing Specialist

Phone: 352.476.3303
LinkedIn: ruthsquires

Irene Snelgrove - Luxury Selling Specialist

Phone: 352.794.1426
Bio: I have been a REALTOR® in Florida since 2001 and obtained my Brokers license in 2015. I understand the diverse market we have in Florida and continuously educate myself to adjust to the changes in our market.

Brad Zaruba - Marketing Group Administrator

Bio: I have over 15 years experience in home renovations from demo, design, to finish work, and am excited to transition into a new aspect of real estate. I can't wait to help people get into their forever homes!

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